About Us

Vhere was born out of our belief that through the use of technology, all fans could have access to the teams, athletes and artists they follow, regardless of their ability to physically be at the venue. By capturing video footage in a 360 degree format, fans can get closer than they've ever been able to be and can go places they never thought imaginable.

Vhere provides experience and a proven track record in the professional and college sports industries as well as marketing, sales and event management expertise in various forms of live entertainment. 

VHere Executive Team


Andy Dolich

Andy has held executive positions in all four professional sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL), specializing in revenue generation and has consulted numerous sports properties on property sales, event creation, marketing and strategy initiatives

Wes Burtner

Wes has worked both in professional sports in ticket sales with the Memphis Grizzlies and in college sports doing fundraising and development for Belmont University Athletics